Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Raising Hope: Killer Hope

Let me just preface this post by saying that Raising Hope is m top favorite under rated show currently on television. It has a brilliant cast;martha plimpton and of course the incomparable Cloris LEACHMAN who the words of Virginia in this episode beautifully describes “I cant decide if (she’s) an actor or really crazy! I’m mesmerized” What I love most about this show and other shows by showrunner Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl) is it’s heart and comedy come from our everyday lives or at least the life we imagine that crazy neighbor down the street has. The shows endearing, hilarious and relatable characters are what set Greg’s shows apart from all others. From the mundane of the lower-middle class existence comes the beauty of people and the fact that they can turn any situation into a moment for comedy makes these shows truly unique. One example of this is during this week’s episode in clearing their house for termite extermination burt non-challantly arranges all of the furniture on the front lawn exactly the way it was placed in the house as to not confuse MaMa and sees no qualms with living on their lawn for 3 days. Watching Jimmy raise his daughter Hope is the true heart of this show. A man who has never really grown up Jimmy has to learn to not just take care of himself but a child he never intended to have. A developmental process every child goes through and a hurdle every parent must face is when their child starts misbehaving and hitting other children. While most parents would think this was no big deal and simply teach their child hitting is wrong, Jimmy is convinced that his daughter is showing early signs of being a serial killer. The dream sequence in which Burt is mutilated into a jack in the box and hope scurries menacingly behind jimmy like a evil swap creature is fucking hilarious. Overall a brilliant episode.

Best quote of the night “Either that man has turrets or he’s freaking DeNiro"

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